Patricia has helped people and organizations reach their goals or get to the next level by leading with courage, compassion and confidence. Business coaching can be the single greatest investment you make in your career or business. Whether you’re a business professional struggling to build your team, earn a promotion or an entrepreneur unsure of your next move, the right business coach can set you on a lucrative path to success. 

Her approach is rooted in the belief that mastering leadership, inspiring others, building great teams and creating amazing organizations all start with mastering leadership of ones self. Her programs guide people to take full authority of our own lives, so that they are empowered to lead from the heart, creating space and support for those around them to bring their best selves to everything that they do. By growing ourselves we can create better communities, better businesses and a better world.

corporate & leadership coaching

Focuses on strengthening your leadership in order to strengthen your organization. This begins with bringing out the very best in your leaders and coaching them in relationship management and human emotional intelligence, so that they are fully equipped and empowered to bring out the best in their people as well – to recognize and cultivate strengths at all levels, build collaborative relationships and strengthen engagement.

team leadership coaching

External challenges should be where most of your team resources go – connecting with customers, capitalizing on market trends, staying ahead of the competition, creative problem solving, etc. Your team cannot do that well if the bulk of their energy is focused on internal challenges – distrust, ineffective meetings, miscommunication, lack of engagement, lack of motivation, etc.

executive business coaching

Patty helps you strengthen your organization by strengthening the people within it. She helps people get so comfortable being themselves that they completely drop those masks we all hide behind – negative patterns, limiting beliefs and self-preservative behaviours that only hold us back – and start showing up with the full energy of their true selves, to help take your organization to the next level.